Sunday, August 19, 2007

Handspun Wrist Wallet

Handspun Wrist Wallet

this is a super quick project to knit and good for teaching beginners some knitting techniques.

adding the zipper might take you the longest out of the whole project!!


worsted weight yarn handspun/dyed looks best but you can use store bought too

and a 4.00mm 32"circ and the same size dpn's

I used a old zipper from some jeans

needle and thread

ok lets start:
cast on 5 sts

knit each row for 8 inches....if you want your wallet just a tad bigger go for 9 inches

join and knit both ends tog to make a tube casting off as you go, so you will have 1 st left

this is where the circ comes in for the magic loop

on the same side as your last st, pick up and knit one st at each garter st bump.

the number of sts arn't critical after all it's just a wallet

*knit 2 sts, knit in the front and back of next st* around

you might not have enough sts to knit this evenly around the wallet... thats ok, just go with it!

then knit even for 1 inch, for me that was 6 rows

purl 1 row

knit 3 rows

purl 1 row

knit 1 row

*knit 2 sts, knit2tog* around (fudge it if you have to) ;)

*knit 1 st, knit2tog* around

knit2tog around

you should have 6, 7, 8?? sts left on each needle

kitchener these tog.

tuck in ends

with the dpns cast on 3 sts and make a I-cord.

make this long enough that when the ends are together you can put your hand through the loop.

sew this onto the end of the wallet where you cast off.

now sew your zipper , you might have to cut the zipper a bit shorter, I made the opening about 4.5 inches.

I can fit my credit cards, change, cell phone and my van keys inside....

(yep in that little thing!!)

I use mine all the time and it's so great when you don't want to carry a purse around!!

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Unknown said...

Hi, I'm struggling to visualise how this works in terms of matching the instructions with the pictures. CO 5 stitches and knit for 8 inches? Sorry, I'm being thick. Help