Friday, June 15, 2007

Ginormous Man Mitts

I'm sharing this pattern and hoping you have the knowledge that you know how to knit with the magic loop method or DPN's, as it doesn't explain everything.

The mitt will fit a big mans hand.

kfb - knit into the front and back of same stitch

With bernat bulky yarn a sisu sock yarn held together and a 24" 6.00mm circ

cast on 32 sts

k2 p2 rib for 15 rows

knit next row

knit even for 6 rows

starting thumb gusset

k14, kfb, k2, kfb, k14

knit around

k14, kfb, k4, kfb, k14

knit around

k14, kfb, k6, kfb, k14

knit around

k14, kfb, k8, kfb, k14

knit around

k14, kfb, k10, kfb, k14

knit around

k14, co 2 sts, put 14 (thumb) sts on holder, k14

knit around for 22 rows

*k4, k2tog* around

knit around

*k3, k2tog* around

knit around

*k2, k2tog* around

knit around

k2tog around

weave end thru the remaining sts and pull tight


I picked up 2 sts where the 2 cast on sts are, the 14 sts from holder and picked up 2 more sts ( 18 sts)(this way the decs are on the inside seam)

knit around

k2tog, k14, k2tog

knit around

k2tog, k12, k2tog

k around for 7rows

k2tog around for 2 rows.

weave end thru the remaining sts and pull tight.

tuck in ends.

and make one more.

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Margo Brazeau said...

Hello Dandy, my name is Margo and I looking at a pattern and found that you are the only one that spoke English on this site.

this is what your comment said, Dandy sa...
Kinesisk smettesjal, oppskrift
this is very pretty!! I translated it and am on my second repeat... do you mind if I post my translation of the pattern on my blog?? (once I'm done knitting it)

It won't let paste the picture It is called in English "Ascot scarf with ajour" which was translated from Google. I would like to know if you ever translated it like you mentioned above and if yes. would you be kind enough to share the pattern please. I am desperate to find the English version of this pattern.
Also is the rest of this message, what you wrote or is it from the author saying what she used.
also what size yarn and needle did you use?

I'm using sport weight yarn and sz 4.5mm needle

thanks a bunch , Thank you so much for your for your help, very much appreciated.