Friday, June 15, 2007

One End Wristlette Bag

I used crochet cotton for this version.

I hate tucking in ends at the end of a project, this is made so that you only have 1 end to tuck in at the end!!
crochet cotton ( the dishcloth stuff, of course if you use this you won't be able to felt it) or 4 ply wool aprox 275 yrdssmall amount of a second color4.5 mm hookyarn needle
** ch1 at the beginning of each row, this ch1 will NOT be counted as a stitch, your first sc of each row will be in the same stitch, you will also slst to join into the first sc of each row** unless otherwised stated
Do you have your stuff ready?? Ok, lets get hookin'!!
R1 - ch2,6 sc in the first ch (6)R2 - 2 sc in each sc (12)R3 - * 1sc, 2 sc in next* around (18)R4 - * 2sc, 2 sc in next* around (24)R5 - * 3sc, 2 sc in next* around (30)R6 - * 4sc, 2 sc in next* around (36)R7 - * 5sc, 2 sc in next* around (42)R8 - * 6sc, 2 sc in next* around (48)R9 - * 7sc, 2 sc in next* around (54)R10 - * 8sc, 2 sc in next* around (60)R11 - * 9sc, 2 sc in next* around (66)R12 - * 10sc, 2 sc in next* around (72)for the sides of the bag single crochet in the round (do not join the rows) for 6 inchesdo not fasten off.
with your stitch markers mark every 18 stitches, name these A,B,C and D
making the handles:
sc up to the first marker A , ch1 turn (18)sc dec in the first and last 2 sts, with one sc in each st between. (16)repeat this row 3 more times. (14)(12)(10)sc in each st arcoss ch1 turn (10)repeat this for 6 inchesincrease ( 2 sc ) in the first and last sts in the next 4 rows, until you reach 18 stitches again, fold the handle in half and make sure it's not twisted, start to slst the handle to the bag at stitch marker B, ( you may have to add a extra row of sc to start in the correct place).. slst across to stitch marker C, sc in the next st and in each stitch across to stitch marker D, and continue the second handle in the same way, making the second handle 12 - 14 inches long, slst this handle to the bag in the same way, starting at stitch marker D and slst to stitch marker A.
Tuck in the end.

this version I used 100% wool and felted the bag when I was done.

This pattern was also published in the crochet pattern a day calendar .

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