Monday, January 26, 2009


2 ozs sport weight main color yarn
.5 ozs sport weight contrast color yarn
3.00mm 16" circ
3.00mm dpns
yarn needle
with MC cast on 120 sts
join without twisting
k2, p2 for 1.5 inches
k 6 rows
knit 4 rows with CC,
knit 6 rows with MC,
knit 4 rows CC,
(knit remainder of the hat with MC)
knit even until hat reaches 6 inches from cast on row.
(start decreases)
*k13, k2tog * around
*k12, k2tog* around
repeat in the manner until you :
*k1, k2tog* around
k2tog around
break yarn and weave end thu sts and pull tight.
tuck in ends.
block and wear!

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