Friday, June 15, 2007

Butterfly Pencil Topper

#10 thread in solid, varigated and brown
1.75mm hook
hot glue

with varigated ch5 join with slst.
row1 - ch3, 2dc, ch2 * 3 dc, ch2* repeat 6 times
( you'll have 8 groups of 3dc) join to top of ch3
fasten off.
row2 - join solid color in second dc of any dc group, sc, 8 dc in ch2 space * sc in 2nd dc of next dc group, 8 dc in ch2 space* continue around join with slst to 1st sc. fasten off
row3 - join varigated in any st, sc around. slst to join.
tuck in ends.
fold butterfly in half.
with brown, ch5( leaving about 10" of thread, this will be for the antenae), slst in the bottom of the butterfly between the 2 wings, ch 5, slst to the first ch, ch7 sc in 3rd ch from hook, fasten off. now with the 10" of thread ch7 again, sc in 3rd ch from hook, fasten off... tuck in ends.
now with solid color, ch11, sc in second ch from hook and in each ch, ch1 turn,
* sc across, ch1 turn* repeat for 11 or so rows... until it fits around the pencil, fasten off thread leaving enough to sew up the side and weave thru the top.
hot glue the butterfly on the topper
add to pencil...
Please feel free to link to this pattern, and/or print it out for your own personal use, but do not copy it in any way to put on-line, pass out, or re-write without my permission. Any resemblance to any other pattern like this is purely coincidental. This pattern was written Aug16, 2004
Thank you, DandyLion